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A Complete Guide to Industrial Coating and its Applications

Repair, maintenance, and repurchase of machinery or other vital equipment in the company are unexpected expenses. Sometimes, these are capable of dismantling the finances and bringing down the infrastructure. However, there are preventive steps. The best way is to protect machinery with industrial coating. Let's explore this article to understand various aspects of industrial coating and why painting and companies in Dubai prefer to use the best of their resources for the purpose.

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Importance of Industrial coating

Industrial coating is much more than aesthetics. These are protection shields for the surface to bar contaminants and safeguard the company from repair and maintenance costs. It is interesting to note that these not only guard the exteriors, but the internal pipe coating machines also provide safety to the interiors. Here is all that an effective painting and coating company in Dubai can do to your equipment and machinery.

  • Protect the machine parts from hefty damages caused by fire, heat, or other physical shocks.
  • Protect the machinery from damages due to slippery non-stick surfaces.
  • Safeguard machinery from dirt, debris, corrosion, and other contaminants.
  • Protect the company from unplanned expenses due to repairs.
  • Increase the aesthetic appeal of your machinery.
  • Elevate the resale value of the machinery.

Application of Industrial coating

Over the years, the industrial coating has become a crucial aspect in a wide range of sectors providing robust solutions of longevity and productivity. Here is are the various applications and types of industrial coating for diverse industrial needs.

Aircraft and aerospace industry

The aerospace industry, both civil and military, functions endlessly. However, spacecrafts perform in an adverse environment exposing them to toxins that could cause harm in the long run. The importance of industrial coating in this sector is crucial. It helps safeguard every part of the aerospace industry and doesn't breed impurities that may cause fatalities in the long run.

Automotive Industry

The coating applied to cars, trucks and other vehicles are the ones that protect the automotive industry from sudden repair costs. The automotive coatings are those applied at the time of manufacturing. These use internal pipe coating machines for painting in unreachable areas and those used for exterior finishing. Later the companies may also opt for resurfacing or touching from time to time, and this aspect is known as vehicle coating.

Marine Industry

Ships, boats, and other vessels required to function in the marine industry are constantly exposed to contaminants. These are most prone to corrosion. Here topside and antifouling coatings are used to from water-related damages. However, since the water bodies are used for human consumption too, they are heavily inspected by respective government bodies and can only use them after the required certifications.

Fire safety industry

The importance of industrial coatings becomes inevitable during a fire or extensive heat when the machinery begins to damage. It is here that intumescent coatings come to the rescue. The painting and coating companies in Dubai state that these types of coatings swell up in extensive heat and thus protect the machinery from facing the wrath of temperature.

Wood Industry

Wood is an extensive part of our lifestyle. Its presence is visible from residential to commercial complexes, and the exposure to various factors makes it prone to damage. Wood coatings or wood finishes are used to safeguard the wood, and unlike varnishes, it provides premium and long-lasting protection to the surfaces.

Can industry

The packaged food industry uses a lot of cans for storage and distribution. These require food-safe coatings. The painting and coating companies explain that cans have a low thickness of industrial coatings, yet they provide high protection.

High-performance coatings

Bridges, oil and gas rigs, and structures at heavy human and vehicular traffic require an industrial coating that is high-performing. These are designed to safeguard the surface from the extreme and also create an acceptable aesthetics. The specifications and standards of high-performing industrial coatings vary from the ones used in controlled environments.


All painting and coating companies in Dubai advise to protect machinery with industrial coatings. However, it may be confusing to choose the right type for your equipment. In such situations, connect with Speed Blast, and we shall readily help you select the best and guard your machinery through experts.