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What is Abrasive Blasting?

Abrasive blasting is the operation of propelling a high-pressure stream of abrasive material called blast medium against a surface. It is used to clean or prepare surfaces prior to use. The pressure used determines how fast the process will be and the quality of the results.

What is Abrasive Blasting used for?

Abrasive blasting or Sand Blasting is used to remove and clean excess unwanted materials from a surface. It leaves the surface intact while removing the unwanted materials.

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Abrasive Blasting UAE

What are the different components of Abrasive Blasting?

A sandblasting system comprises four basic components:

  • Air source- bottle gas or an air compressor
  • Sandblasting cabinet-holds the object being blasted
  • Dust collectors- removes dust from the cabinet
  • Blasting media-the abrasive used

Why is sandblasting used in industries?

  • To remove paint, rust, and residue from materials quickly and efficiently. In industries, machines and metals are often prone to rust and corrosion.

  • To change the condition of a metal's surface such as removing scratches and casting marks.

  • To smoothen out or polish a coarse surface.

  • To prepare surfaces that need repainting.

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Which industries commonly use abrasive blasting?

  1. Shipbuilding
  2. Automotive
  3. Metal finishing
  4. Foundry
  5. Surface coating
  6. Other industries that encompass surface preparation and painting

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What are the benefits of Sandblasting?

  • Enable convenient cleaning of the surface as well as the project space after the process. After the sandblasting, cleaning up is easy because the equipment is laid down to protect the surrounding areas from the sand.

  • An effective way to remove contaminants from hard surfaces such as metal.

  • Quick cleaning option compared to traditional methods.

  • A good method for preparing surfaces for various coatings and sealants. Sandblasting removes all dirt and contaminants from the surface so that the coatings adhere better. In addition, the film left behind after the sandblasting prevents the rust that forms (from oxidation) after the metal are exposed to air.

  • Eco-friendly and non-toxic-Materials used in sandblasting have been proven to be safe if inhaled, unlike other coatings and cleaning products which are usually harmful.

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Abrasive Blasting UAE

According to estimates, the global industrial sandblasting machine market is expected to grow in the years to come owing mainly to three factors stated below:

  • Growth in the automotive industry.
  • Growing popularity of robotic sandblasting machines.
  • Steady growth in construction activities.

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