Pipe Shot Blasting for External and Internal finishing

Over the period, steel and iron pipes may accumulate oil, rust, dirt and other contaminants inside them. Regular cleaning and painting become essential for the pipes as all the grime can destroy the pipes. However, unlike blasting on a flat surface, internal and external pipe blasting is a tricky job. Internal pipe blasters can help the companies to overcome this hardship and make pipe cleaning an easy feat.

Why should you opt for external and internal pipe blasters?

Like any other industry materials pipes also gather a lot of dirt inside them. There is rust, blots of oil, dust and other waste that sticks both inside and outside the tube. We provide a wide range of blasting equipments in Dubai to clear all of these because a lot of accumulation can create a blockage and pervert smooth functioning of the device. Later internal pipe coating machine paint and coat the pipes, so that steady outflow or inflow happens.

shot blasting machine

Advantages of pipe shot blasting

The primary function of pipe shot blasting is to remove foreign matter from the surface. However, it also has multiple other benefits.

  • Increases the resistance to corrosion
  • Doesn’t allow grime to collect on the surface
  • Strengthens the materials
  • Helps is adhesion and long-lasting of paint
  • Allows better flow of materials

The working process of external and internal pipe blasters

The pipe shot blasting machines contain many centrifugal blast wheels for deep cleaning. The wholly automated machine cleans dirt and scales from both inside and outside the pipe. The external and internal pipe blasters provide polished and uniform cleaning to each part of the tube. There are inbuilt manganese steel liners that protect the machine from damages. Also, there are a series of rubber screens that help to keep the abrasives.

External pipe blasters

The external blasting process happens when the pipe is transported through the blast cabin. The high-end machines are competent enough to reach every surface and provide even blasting

Advantages of external pipe blasters

Along with rendering clean surface through the exteriors of pipe, external pipe shot blasters have a few more pros.

  • Pipe diameters from 1 to 144 inch can be scaled through with the machine.
  • The time to change from different diameters is minimum, hence the time taken is also negligible.
  • Manganese steel blast cabin prevents damages to the device during the process.
  • Even small diameters are cleared with high power capacity.
  • Several other options to make the process cleaner are available.

Internal pipe blasters

Blast lance system prevails during internal blasting. Herein the ends of a pipe are kept in enclosed cabins so that abrasives and debris don’t escape. It also caters in maintaining the airflow inside. There are two methods of internal pipe blasting.

  • Mechanical internal pipe blasting - Mechanical wheel blast launches the abrasives inside the pipe.
  • Pneumatic internal pipe blasting - Compressed air is used to fire abrasives in this technique.

Advantages of Internal pipe blasters

  • Cleansing even the small diameters happens at high power.
  • Blast lances can be easily exchanged.
  • Will support any abrasive.
  • The machine is economical and lightweight, hence can be handled easily.

Pipe shot blasting machine applications

As it is evident, external and internal pipe shot blasting portable blasting machines remove grime from the pipes, but their usage doesn’t end here.

  • Used to blast round bars, gas steel bottles, pipes, tubes, and other cylindrical sections
  • Used for cutting along with blasting
  • Internal pipe coating machines make it even more durable after the painting process.
  • Both used and new pipes can be thoroughly cleaned with the machine.

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