Most Essential Tools For Performing Sandblasting Properly

Sandblasting is a common word heard mainly in the cement and glass etching, deck cleaning, painting and body repair industries. Abrasive blasting or sandblasting is nothing but a process of propelling a stream of abrasive material such as sand through a gun under high pressure to smoothen a rough surface. It is one of the most effective ways of shaping and cleaning a metal surface by removing its contaminants much faster.

Before going after any Blasting equipment suppliers acquiring a basic knowledge of using a sandblasting machine is very important. Safety must be given top priority and usage of right tools for performing Sandblasting is essential.

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Protective Sandblasting Hood

Sandblasting is extremely dangerous if no safety precautions are taken. Many health issues may arise ultimately leading to death. So usage of your PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) is an important step to protect yourself. A proper headgear made of durable fibers worn while at work could protect you from numerous health hazards. Since abrasive material is ejected at high speeds, protecting your face and head is the first step to be taken. Large viewing windows of the Sandblasting hoods helps you in viewing your actions especially when dealing with dangerous sandblasting equipment.

Use of Blast Cabinet

A blast cabinet is basically a closed loop system and one of the most vital tool among blasting accessories. The abrasive used for sandblasting is not damaged during the process and it is collected into the blast cabinet for reuse. It is the most professional equipment available for removing an existing coating on the metal surface. Speed Blast Trading L.L.C being the top Sandblasting suppliers in Dubai provides both Automatic blasting cabinets and standard range cabinets available in the market according to the usage.

The Right Abrasive

Using a hard metallic abrasive or a soft abrasive is one’s choice depending on the surface of substance used for Abrasive blasting. It is not recommended to use hard abrasive for changing the surface texture of soft surfaces such as bricks. Proper ventilation must be taken care of as the type of abrasive could cause difficulty in breathing.

Best Compressor For Sandblaster

Selecting the right compressor for Sandblasters make the job done easier. For a compressor and a sandblaster to work together Compressor Sizing must be considered. Compressor size is determined by the size of sandblaster and nozzle. A sandblasting project can be efficiently done with the use of right compressor. For this consider two units- CFM (cubic feet per minute) which is the volume of air that the system can move in a minute and PSI (pounds per square inch) which is the pressure generated by the system. Checking the PSI and CFM of your sandblaster is an essential step as for projects with a higher PSI there is need to increase the size of the compressor.

With the latest and best Inspection equipment in Dubai provided by Speed Blast Trading L.L.C you can experience a safe and effective sandblasting process. By learning the proper usage of a sandblasting machine, identifying its parts could protect yourself more than any tool being used during the process.