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Safety at the workplace is an important factor to be considered for every worker in the industrial sector. Providing them with the right equipment according to various industries can protect their health. Every employer must provide safety products like gloves, safety helmets, glasses/goggles, and safety boots, hearing protectors, respirators and high-visibility clothing like reflector jackets at a workplace for the protection of their employees. In industries such as construction, welding, burning, chemical or petroleum different sets of tools and equipment are required.

Risks involved at workplace

Industrial sector evolve around many risk factors at workplaces however hard it is tried to eliminate. These hazards could include damage to the head, feet or any other part of the body from different objects. Some of the risks involved that could cause a severe damage to a worker’s health condition are:

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  • Frequent lifting of heavy objects

  • Poor lighting conditions

  • Dust and other dubious particles

  • Molten metal/chemical/acid splashes

  • Frayed cords

  • Shoddy ladder work

  • Spills

  • Exposed sharp moving parts

  • Constant loud noise

  • Gaseous threats like carbon monoxide

  • Flammable materials

A right choice must be taken when selecting your Safety Products Supplier in Dubai as it is these safety equipment that offers the right level of comfort with protection for your long working hours. A good training and maintenance is also required for the usage of these equipment as they must be comfortable and most suited ones for the worker. Storing and maintaining the equipment becomes an important thing. They must be kept clean and a regular check is advised in order to avoid further risks. Providing the right safety equipment can minimize risks that can occur to the employees.

Speedblast, one of the best safety equipment supplier in Dubai provides the common tools and equipment listed below to the industrial workers.

Safety Glasses

Safety Glasses or goggles are designed to safeguard employee’s eyes from dangerous debris or infectious material that is created by power tools. It is an important piece of safety equipment worn by workers depending on the various types of industries. Job-related eye injuries usually occur when metal slivers, wood chips, sand or cement chips get into the eye. When excessive force comes into contact with the eye Blunt force trauma can occur. Without the use of safety glasses a worker has a threat of chemical burns, biological agents, and thermal agents that can cause serious eye injury. A Goggle can provide better protection than safety glasses. Even eye injury from chemical splashes, impact, dusty environments and welding could be prevented by the usage of Safety Glasses.

Hearing Protection

If you search for any Inspection Equipment in Dubai the list will include safety products for Hearing Protection. Workers who are regularly exposed to high noise levels should use ear plugs and ear muffs while working. When dealing with loud power tools and machinery such as routers, surface planers and joiners the use of Earplugs, Earmuffs or any other noise reduction tools are helpful. They provide equal pressure distribution and maximum high-frequency attenuation and are crafted for use in high volume areas. Industrial noise is an occupational hazard which must be avoided especially for those who work in heavy industry facilities, jet engine environments, and near riveting activities.

Respirators and Face Masks

Using Respirators and Face Masks could prevent fine particles of dust from entering the lungs. They can also be used while spraying varnish or paint. Respirator protects workers from breathing in the harmful contaminants of chemicals in the air preserving the health of respiratory tract. Two types of respirators are there. One filters out chemicals and gases, or airborne particles, from the air breathed by the user and the other protects users by providing clean air from another source. Face Masks are generally worn when making solutions and cleaning up small spills. There are two types of masks in use. One is the dust particle mask (yellow) used when weighing out powders and the other is the charcoal mask which protects against organic solvent fumes.

Face Shield

A face shield is essential when splashing, spattering or spraying of chemicals or solutions are in use. They are comfortable and easy to use. They are also used when there is a situation of creation of an aerosol of chemical or biological hazardous material or potential for flying particles or sparks for example high pressure work, welding, soldering, machining, fire, explosion, etc. An advantage of a face shield is that it can be flipped up when not in use. To avoid infectious transmission from tissue samples or animals also a face shield is worn. It protects the entire face and must be worn over the standard safety glasses or goggles. They also provide protection from impact, chemical, and blood-borne hazards.

Personal Protective Equipment

To avoid damage or injury caused by splashes or spills of chemicals, excessive heat, or falling objects it is a must to use Protective Clothing. Personal Protective Equipment is designed for protection of the worker’s skin and clothing. Lab Coats, Aprons, Gloves etc. comes under the Personal Protective Equipment. Lab coats are used for laboratory work. Aprons can protect the worker from acid splashes. When chemicals, hot or cold objects, or glass are handled Gloves comes for protection against skin contact or cuts.

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