What Makes Water Jet Cutting Unique?

Blasting is a convenient method of prepping the surface. Many kinds of abrasives such as sand, grit, steel etc. are used for the process. But using water for this purpose has been a revolutionary change. Water jet cutting in Dubai is being used meticulously for all kind of blasting purposes.

Following are two types of water jet cutting in Dubai

Pure water jet cutting- Water without any contaminants is used in this process. It is the extreme force of the machine that makes the impurities to shred away and creates a clear base.

Abrasive water jet cutting- Abrasives are introduced along with water in a high-pressure system for the hard surfaces to create a clearer spectrum. Mostly the abrasive used is garnet.

sandblasting machines

While choosing the abrasives, be sure to select only the best from leading steel grit suppliers, UAE. Since if the cleansing is done correctly, other works such as painting and coating too can be conducted seamlessly.

Whichever technique one chooses, water jet cutting in Sandblasting companies Dubai is a unique process due to multiple reasons. Here are a few-

No hazard, no waste

It’s plain water used in the process that creates no hazard to the environment. The remnants of water jet cutting in Dubai do not harm our surrounding like any other abrasive.

Also, modern equipment is created in a way that very little water is used in the process. It is the high pressure created by the machine that cuts through dirt and grime.

Can cut almost anything

Painting and coating companies in Dubai emphasize on a clean surface without a trace of residue. Not all abrasives are equipped with the kind of strength to work seamlessly on any surface. But it is only water jet cutting that can pierce into any area and eradicate all intruders.

You can always trust water jet cutting in Dubai for a problematic surface where no abrasives could work. Bullet-proof glass, stone, metal or materials with the reflective or uneven surface also come under the category. Also, since it is water, it will remain gentle and no scrap the actual material.

Less heat produced

Excessive heat produced during a blasting session can create minor damages in and around the targeted space. Water jet cutting produces less heat as compared to its counterparts. It is an ideal choice when cutting plastic as heat will make it curl. Many other materials that may be damaged due to excess heat can be easily cut with water jet cutting.

Accuracy to the point

Water jet cutting in Dubai is capable of achieving 0.13 mm accuracy. This is not the case with other abrasives where a comparatively big space is targeted due to the size of the abrasives. But when it comes to involving water in the process, highly accurate and intricate 3D cuts are created to help achieve the aspired goal.

Finally low cost

First of all, water can be acquired easily at a meagre price if any. Also, the cost of running a water jet cutting equipment is way lower than any other medium. All the items in this machine are comparatively cheaper as a gentle eco-friendly product goes into it, and it doesn’t create any friction within the parts.

Water jet cutting in Dubai has more obvious advantages, and it the reason why it is leading the abrasive world. Contact us, the leading steel grit suppliers, UAE for water jet cutting equipment and get away with the grime. We are also the best painting and coating companies in Dubai, so connect with us.