Smoothen Any Surface With Sand Blasting Products

A variety of industries use Sandblasting as a procedure for cleaning or removing paint or for some smoothening purposes. It is also made use by auto industry. To operate a sandblaster, professional training is required as amateur handling of the device could cause danger to human health. A sandblaster removes grease, paint or any other undesired veneer from different surfaces. Different abrasives are used for sandblasting and among them is Garnet which is a naturally occurring mineral. They are tough, highly stable, have low particle breakdown, are recyclable and contain no free Silica. Other reasons for using Garnet include its non-toxicity and non-hazardous nature which is safe to health and environment. Blast cleaning using Garnet is mainly done for water jet cutting and water filtration.

Working of a sandblaster


A sandblaster contains two components- the blast pot which is a large container that holds the blast media and the pressurized air intake. It uses pressurized air to hurtle a beam of tiny particles like walnut shells, glass beads, corn cob, steel shot, plastic or other material. It is due to this air pressure cleaning process is done. Sometimes you may need a remote-control system for both precision and safety. The air and media traveling through the blast hose comes out the nozzle of a handheld gun. Tiny divots are created in the material depending on the size, texture and density of the particles. Air escapes the chamber and a trap is created to catch the abrasive blasting media.

Blasting products

Below listed are some of the Blasting products used for sandblasting services:

Portable Sandblaster – it is widely used for car, automotive, ship building or repairing, steel-structured bridge, railway, container, petrol chemical facility, etc. It is easy to work with.

Sandblasting Cabinet – it is portable and is of light weight. Other features of a Sandblasting Cabinet includes consumption of Low abrasives and high efficiency. It is applied for blasting small or medium-sized or high hardness work pieces such as motor parts, valve parts, heat treatment parts, etc.

Pressure or Suction Feed Sandblaster – the energy consumption of Pressure or Suction Feed Sandblaster is very low with high efficiency. It can be used to treat several kinds of moulds, stone carving art wares, casting items, motor processing, etc.

Automatic Sandblast Equipment – as the name suggests it is of Automatic Transmission. It requires low abrasives and is applicable for pretreatment of spray coating, electroplating, painting, eliminating the dirt or scratches on the surface of plate material, etc.

Wet or Liquid Sandblaster – it uses water for its functioning. It is used in a wide variety of industries such as stainless steel, mould cleaning, etc. It is environmental friendly creating no dust and does not harm human body.

High Pressure Abrasive Sand Blaster – it is mainly used for pretreatment of electroplate for pipeline, metal work piece, removing oxide skin, refurbishing old items, etc.

Dust-free or Dustless Sandblast Machine – it is a safe equipment as it does not produce any dust. High environmental protection is guaranteed with benefits to the worker’s health.

Pipeline Sandblaster – it is usually used for cleaning the inner wall of pipeline. It is a supporting tool for other bigger sandblasting equipment and can be operated manually or automatically.

Sandblasting Room – this is designed for big blasting, large casting or forging work piece etc. It can also be used for welding steel structure. An advantage is that it is of high sandblasting capacity. Since abrasives could be recycled it is environmental friendly too.

Shot Blaster – it is used for cleaning and reinforcing the surface of afraid-of-impact work pieces, like casting items, heat treatment items, etc. It has a stable performance and a good cleaning effect too.

Sandblast Gun or Nozzles – there are many types of sandblasting gun or hose or nozzle available in the market. It is easy to replace, is of good quality and can be charged very fast.

Sandblast Hose or Couplings – different sizes of sandblast hose is available. 25mm*40mm, 32*48mm, etc are the general sizes with various lengths 10m, 20m, and 40m.

Abrasive Sand – abrasive sand is used to remove paint, pretreat electroplating and paint spray, etc. This includes brown corundum, glass bead, plastic sand, steel shot, silicon carbide, soda sand etc.

Protective Cloth or Helmet or Filter – these are the essential sandblasting equipment in UAE used for protection. The worker must ensure personal safety while performing the sandblasting job. Protective clothing, protective gloves, double layer helmet, resuscitator, etc comes as safety products.

Garnet suppliers

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