Onsite and Remote Sandblasting Services in UAE

Sandblasting or abrasive blasting is a technique to prepare the surface by using a stream of abrasive materials at high pressure. This procedure can smoothen a rough surface and vice versa. It can also shape a surface and remove all the contaminants. This process cleans the surface and also prepares it for a fresh coat of paint.

Sandblasting companies in UAE use numerous abrasives for the process. Garnet, copper slag, steel shot, steel grit etc. are to name a few. All of these have specific purposes to be accomplished.

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As sandblasting companies in UAE prepare the surface, there arises a need for top-
sandblasting services

notch machinery to accomplish the painting job. The painting equipment should be chosen from the leading suppliers in UAE. Below are few parameters to be kept in mind before opting for painting machinery for both onsite and remote jobs.

Size of surface- The area is a prime factor when we decide on what machinery to use. The tool must be efficiently able to cover a significant area within a short period. In case space is tiny and difficult to reach the machinery must be adept in the process. For example, the airless spray machine can adequately cover large areas.

Material- Paints are applied to numerous elements. Whether it is wood, glass, steel or iron, each one needs a different medium for coating. Hence the machinery you are using must comply with the materials.

Here is the necessary equipment you will need to accomplish the coating tasks. Acquire them from the leading suppliers in UAE for authenticity and efficiency.

Airless spray machine

Airless spray machine is a dynamic painting device that works on atomization. It pumps out paints at an acute high pressure. As the colour comes out through the nozzle, it breaks down to lend an evenly coated high-quality finish. They can be used for both onsite and remote painting works. Moreover, one can use thick paints with the airless spray machine.

Advantages of an airless spray machine include-

Less wastage- the controlled spraying through nozzle reduces the wastage of paint efficiently when compared with the air spray machine.

Even coating- The high pressure that reaches up to 3000 psi creates an even layer on the surface.

Controlled application- An airless spray machine uses various nozzles for different chores. This feature enables the user to have control over the flow of paint and use only the amount that is needed.

Speed- The works are completed in lightning speeds with airless spray machine due to the high-pressure spray.

Internal pipe coater

Pipes need to be painted inside out to stop corrosion and enhance their efficiency. As the name suggests, internal pipe coaters paint the inner area of pipes. This machinery has been developed to coat the interiors of the pipe without having to rotate the metal in various directions.

Here are few pros of using an Internal pipe coater-

Ease of application- No special effort is needed to coat the machinery. Moreover, this equipment is adept on coating all kind of pipes through the minimum human bid.

Even coating- the rotating head powered by air motor sprays paint evenly on the surface. This creates a uniformity along with the interiors of the pipe. The user can determine the speed of paint; hence, there is minimum wastage too.

Numerous other equipment to ease the painting process is also available with the suppliers in UAE. Some of these are Testex tape and surface profile gauge used to judge the peak to valley height, thickness gauge, whirling and sling hygrometers etc.

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