Abrasive Suppliers

Reach us - The prominent Abrasive suppliers in UAE pertaining the supply of abrasives such as garnet, copper slag grit,aluminium oxide brown , glass beads, steel shot, or steel grit. We also provide waterjet cutting equipment. The quality and performance of abrasives are best in class. After importing, the abrasives are measured to ensure that only superior quality products are supplied to clients. Abrasives are available in a range of sizes (microns, millimetres, micrometre etc.) that would optimally complement your industrial needs. We have cost effective solution for the entire array of your abrasive related needs. Abrasives are reusable and environmental friendly. We have the fastest turnaround time in the industry.

Speed Blast Trading LLC - Abrasives

Copper Slag Grit-Aluminium

Copper Slag Grit-Aluminium After diamond, the next hardest material is aluminium oxide. VVQ manufactured aluminium oxide grit is available in an array of grades to suit different jobs and profiles. The abrasives are of high quality and assures of consistent performance in different industrial ambience. The grit is eco-friendly and does not degrade the environment. With strategic recycling machine, the used grit can be rendered fit for re-use. The grit is cost competitive and safe to use.


Garnet Speed Blast is one of the best garnet suppliers in Dubai and dealers of Garnet blasting products in UAE.Garnet, used in abrasive blasting, water jet cutting and as an adsorbent in water filtration, also finds application in preparation of non-skid tracks, steps, sports ground surface etc. Our natural Almandine garnet is environmental friendly and is known for unique grain hardness and toughness which assure sustained productivity and high efficiency. The garnet has a composition of 3FeO, Al2O3, and 3SiO2. The garnet's particle size ranges from 8 to 120 garnet mesh which renders it suitable for different job profiles.

Glass beads

Glass beads Glass beads in exceptional quality and numerous size ranges assures of high performance in abrasive blasting domain. The beads are meticulously measured and categorized for offering superlative quality to clients with a view to enhance their industrial productivity and outcome. Glass beads are made available in any range that may suit your specific application requirements. Hard in consistency, the beads have been measured and tested for sustained performance in even the harshest blasting conditions.

Steel shot

Steel grit Steel shots, for safe abrasive blasting, are made available in a range of grades to meet your specific requirements. Each grade has a definite size spectrum to make your choice easier. S 70 grade comes in 0.125 - 0.425 mm range whereas S 660, the highest grade is available in 1180 – 2.000 mm range. The shots are meticulously measured and tested under rigorous conditions to assure of sustained high performance.

Steel grit

Waterjet cutting Steel grit is made available in a wide array of grades with varying size range to meet your specific abrasive blasting related industrial requirements. The least grade is G 12 in which the grit size varies from 1.400 - 2.360 mm whereas the highest grade is G 120 wherein the grit falls in the size range of 0.075 - 0.300 mm. The grit size is measured meticulously and performance has been tested under harsh operating conditions.

Waterjet cutting

Waterjet cutting equipment Waterjet cutting equipment is an example of precision engineering that is deployed to cut abrasives, for industrial blasting applications, in different size ranges for various grades. The equipment assures of superb performance and has a rugged constitution for optimum productivity and longevity. Zero downtime and optimal maintenance costs add to its competitive pricing. The product has been tested successfully for sustained performance under differing industrial conditions.