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Why is it important to be well-educated about sandblasting procedures?

Sandblasting is used in various industries such as deck cleaning, glass etching, industrial painting and body repair. Speed Blast, one of the recognized sandblasting companies in UAE, opines that it is vital to be well educated about the specialized equipment and techniques used owing to the following reasons:

  • Knowing the correct way of using a sandblasting machine prevents misuse and damage.

  • The ability to identify the parts and applications of your sandblasting equipment can make repair and replacement easy.

  • Appropriate knowledge and skills regarding sandblasting techniques and operations can help protect you and your co-workers from the work-related injury.

  • Sandblasting equipment can be dangerous if used imperfectly.

  • Inadequate safety equipment, inadequate air filtration, the choice of wrong abrasive and ill-informed actions such as pointing the gun at your hands or feet can result in serious bodily injury, lung problems and breathing difficulty.

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How can I increase my awareness of sandblasting?

Abrasive blasting is used to:

  • By attending a sandblasting class, an apprenticeship or through online resources.

  • Department supervisors are responsible for providing training to employees on a regular basis to enable them to recognize and prevent potential hazards.

  • Safety information and guidelines are usually included with the equipment models.

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Speed Blast, a leading player among sandblasting companies in UAE, recommends safe operating procedures to prevent injury and safeguard workers by ensuring personal safety during mechanical operations. We suggest that all workers understand the safe operating procedures involved in the various stages of the blasting operations.

Please click on the link for an informative article on the global sandblasting scenario. https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20171125005023/en/Global-Industrial-Sandblasting-Machine-Market---Drivers

What are the risks involved in a sandblasting process?

Sandblasting is applied to clean or prepare surfaces using various types of abrasive materials. While removing existing coatings from material surfaces, workers are exposed to toxic materials such as lead and zinc. They face the dangers of hazardous sandblasting agents such as silica sand.

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What safety measures must be ensured for blast operators and other crew members?

  • Workers exposed to cloud of dust containing silica are required to comply with the respiratory protection and use of a respirator. Operators should remove their air breathing equipment only when they are far away from the work location. This is because silica dust and other contaminants remain suspended in the air for long periods of time.
  • Sandblasting operations should ensure that the abrasive materials and other particulate materials are contained and pose no hazards to workers or the public.
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  • The sandblasting unit must be carefully examined for defects before work begins.
  • The sandblast pot must always be grounded. It should be shut off while being filled with abrasives. It should provide with safety shut down.
  • Sandblasting nozzles must be equipped with a remote control switch that allows operators to control the sandblast at the nozzle.
  • When sandblasting is conducted in a confined space, all safe operation procedures must be followed.
  • When noise levels exceed 85 dBA, compliance with the safe operating procedures is mandatory.

What is the PPE equipment with regard to a sandblasting operation?

PPE equipment includes:

  • Breathing apparatus- air hood respirators, face shields and hearing protection.
  • Protective coveralls.
  • Full arm work gloves.
  • Safety footwear.

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