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Entire array of blasting equipment, in superior and fail safe varieties are available with us. Blast pot, air after cooler, pipe cleaning and coating equipment, pneumatic blower, recycling machine, air receiver tank, vacuum tank, or blasting accessories- we are one stop destination for all your needs. Our range of products is compatible with literally all types of blasting environment. Safety, ruggedness and consistent high performance- our products have been tested in most extreme conditions and are deployed in critical installations across the world. Available in a number of standards sizes, the products have been designed to ensure zero delay in blasting operation.

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Blast Pot

Blast Pot Portable Blast pot machine has strategic design that makes it compatible with literally all industrial blasting conditions. Pot can be installed seamlessly in blast room or one can manoeuvre it with ease. The rugged blast machine is efficient, safe to use and tested for withstanding corrosive industrial operating environment. Different Portable blasting machines model support varied continuous blast times. Blast pots are ideal for use in shipyards, oil refineries, gas, glass etching and heavy fabrication industries.

Air After Cooler

Air After Cooler State of the art cooler to bring down the temperature peak to normalcy in blast machine after the same has been heated heavily during blasting and spray painting operations in oil and petro-chemical, construction and maintenance industries primarily. Available in various dimensions, the cooler air flow ranges from 800 NM3/H to 21000 NM3/H. The cooler generates downstream air at high efficiency and cools the specific blasting suite within a few moments.

Pipe cleaning and coating

Pipe cleaning and coating Pipe for blast pot machine has to be coated with special chemicals to prevent corrosion. Any leakage can lead to spillage of explosive emulsions and can put the entire installation at peril. Our specially formulated pipe cleaners and coaters form a thick layer over the pipe which prevents rusting or inadvertent leakages. Safety is of top priority. The pipe cleaner's composition is unique and has been tested to remain steadfast under harshest of conditions.

Pneumatic blower

Pneumatic blower The blower caters to the ventilation needs of underground storage tanks. The unique flange adapter allows direct threading on the 4" di vent pipe available on almost all storage tanks. Hazardous fume and explosives vapours can be safely ventilated. Absence of any moving part prevents heat generation due to friction. Standard static grounding lug and lightweight aluminium base assure optimum efficiency. Pneumatic Venturi blower operates on compressed air or steam. Hose and accessories are readily available.

Recycling Machine

Recycling Machine Used garnets' cleaning and re-processing processes are streamlined with uniquely designed recycling machine, with outputs in the range of 3000-5000 Kgs. The machine greatly reduces expenditure on garnets and economizes garnet consumption. Overheads related to transporting, handling and disposal of garnets are significantly eliminated. The machine relies on dry process. Compact and customizable, the machine's operating pressure level is 20 CFM @100 psi. The machine comes bundled up with bucket elevator, rotary screen, air wash separator, and vibratory screen.

Air Receiver Tank

Air Receiver Tank 5L – 3000L capacity available. The tank has been designed to handle 800-1600 CFM at 150psi. The pressure vessel in which compressed air expansion happens is ASME coded. Stainless steel coalescing element has been engineered in high precision for trapping air moisture. Moisture separators assist in reducing the moisture content in the blasting system, resulting in smoother and highly even flow of abrasives and reduced contamination of controls. Air volume experience less than 1% pressure drop as it passes through separator.

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Vacuum Recovery

Vacuum Recovery The apparatus comes equipped with 30m suction hose, an air operated vacuum system designed for segregating expended abrasives from form inaccessible or enclosed areas such as tanks and holds, and 30m discharge hose. This ancillary blasting equipment has several advantages such as zero downtime, no mobile parts that may get worn out, no electrical intervention or motors, significantly high airflow and high collection capacity and efficient filter for grit or dust separation.

Blasting accessories

Blasting accessories Our range of world class blasting accessories, manufactured by prestigious suppliers by adhering to international standards, hastens the blasting process, enhances the safety of blasting equipment, makes them more efficient and cost competitive as well as optimizes the use of emulsions and other blast products. The accessories have no mobile parts that may wear out or produce additional heat due to friction. Zero downtime and minimal maintenance requirements render the accessories industry friendly.

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