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What is a sandblasting operation?

Sandblasting refers to the operation of propelling a stream of abrasive substance at high pressure against a surface. Compressed air is applied to propel the blasting material.

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What is the purpose of sandblasting?

Sandblasting is also known as abrasive blasting or media blasting. It is used in surface treatment to make a rough surface smooth or vice versa, give the desired shape to a surface and to remove contaminants such as paints and coatings from a surface. Variants of the process are soda blasting, bead blasting and shot blasting.

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What are some of the measures I can adopt for a more productive sandblasting operation?

  • Store your abrasive in a clean, dry container to protect it from moisture in the atmosphere, oil, etc. You can improve the performance of your micro abrasive sandblaster by ensuring the use of clean, dry compressed air. Contamination of your abrasive will prevent the free flow of abrasive to the blasting tip.

  • Use an appropriate air separator or dryer for your compressor to prevent wet clumps of media from blocking your pressure blaster.

  • Make sure that the size of your abrasive is compatible with the size of the blasting tip so that it can flow smoothly to the tip.

  • If the flow of your abrasive from the tip is not smooth, check for a blockage in the tip.

  • Make sure that your abrasive does not build up as this may result in unsmooth operations and air leaks.

  • During the blasting process, the abrasive breaks up into dust causing a cloud to form in the cabinet. This makes it hard to see what is being blasted. Use a dust collector to remove the blasting cloud and remove excess abrasive from the blasting cabinet.

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What care should I take when buying sandblasting equipment?

  • Sandblasting requires a high amount of continuous pressure to work effectively. Make sure to choose a compressor that can produce the volume required and matches the performance of the blaster. Remember to check the ratings and review of the blaster before purchase. Preferably your compressor should not be at maximum capacity when operating the blaster. Constant running of the compressor produces causes excessive heat which creates moisture and causes clogs in the blaster.

  • Try to keep your hose short and free of any bends. Bends will cause the compressor to work harder and decrease performance. Every loop will cause a significant drop in pressure.

  • Media blasting can damage parts by removing too much material. Avoid blasting in one concentrated area for a long period of time as it can warp thin panels and remove too much material on some surfaces.

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