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How does Sandblasting work?

Sandblasting refers to the process of ‘sanding’ surfaces with the objective of removing rough edges or foreign materials. Sandblasting makes the sanding procedure convenient as it easily reaches areas that are hard to sand like nooks and crannies. Sandblasting is a pressure-driven process. Compressed air is used to blow sand via a nozzle in order to give a clean, smooth finish to a surface. Sandblasting is used to prepare surfaces for repainting, refinishing and staining.

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The sandblasting process propels tiny bits of materials at a very high speed in order to clean or etch a surface. Sandblasting is also known as abrasive blasting and should be performed in a controlled manner. It is essential for workers to wear protective clothing. Other safety essentials include alternative air supply, appropriate ventilation, etc.

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The sandblasting process comprises three basic components- blasting nozzle, compressed air and abrasive media. Media selection is a crucial decision when talking about sandblasting. The different kinds of media come with various features such as size, shape, density, hardness, etc. Each of the media is available in a wide range of particle sizes.

The equipment/tool used in the sandblasting process depends on the particular industry. The variants are hand cabinets, robotic systems, automatic high production models, etc.

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What are the different kinds of abrasives used in Abrasive/Grit blasting?

Sandblasting is a surface treatment process used in various industries for diverse purposes. The abrasive used depends on the surface treatment needed. Commonly used abrasives include:

  • steel shot/grit
  • glass bead/crushed glass
  • aluminum oxide
  • silicon carbide
  • plastic
  • walnut shell
  • baking soda
  • ceramic grit
  • copper slag

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What are the applications of Abrasive/Grit blasting?

  • surface preparation prior to painting, coating or bonding operations
  • removal of rust, sand, scale, paint, etc. from fabricated parts
  • preparation of industrial gas turbine engine component surfaces for thermal spray coating
  • removal of edge profiling machined components
  • providing a matte cosmetic surface finish on consumer products
  • removal of mold flash from plastic components
  • surface texturing of tooling and molds to change the appearance of molded products

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What are the benefits of Speed Blast, Dubai, sandblasting services and solutions?

  • Superior results with high-grade cleaning

  • Fine surface finish, provides clean surfaces and even profiles

  • Meets all industrial safety regulations

  • Complies to environmental regulations

  • Cost-effective operations with optimal utilization of all resources

  • Speed Blast’s sandblasting equipment offers a convenient method of blasting any surface

  • Sandblasting requires minimal equipment because the only tool needed is a blaster. This includes a blasting pot, an air compressor and a nozzle

  • Since minimal machinery is used, clean up after the blasting operation is easy as the dust can be easily picked up if a sheet or plastic is placed under the object which is blasted

  • Sandblasting is suitable for versatile applications such as painting, coating, welding, galvanizing, etc. Sandblasting is also widely used for cleaning, removing rust, paint, etc., etching a hard surface and more

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