Painting Equipment

Coating equipment, coating speciality instruments, inspection devices, airless spray machine and other paraphernalia needed for hassle free, efficient and timely completion of painting projects are supplied by speedblast. As one of the leading painting and coating machine suppliers in Dubai, UAE, all equipment boasts of contemporary technology, efficiently covers large surfaces, delivers stellar performance, offer high coating thickness in a single pass keeps the spray pattern close and uniform, uses minimal solvent and are immune to explosion by virtue of pneumatic operation. Our equipment is rigid and reliable that has been strategically designed to minimize material wastage, expedite job completion, and reduce costly downtime. The equipment comes with a price tag that is highly cost competitive.

Speed Blast Trading LLC - Painting Equipment

Coating equipment

Coating equipment Advanced airless spray pump caters to specific needs of painting and coating professionals by ensuring efficient and expeditious coverage of large surfaces, stellar coverage performance, allowing for high coating thickness in single pass, producing closed and uniform spray pattern, exhibiting resistance to explosion by virtue of pneumatic operation, and using optimal solvent. The robust equipment range is rigid and reliable, achieves highest transfer efficiency, reduces material wastage and conduces to swifter job completion.

Coating Specialty

Coating Specialty Specialized internal pipe coaters have been uniquely developed to comprehensively coat the pipe interior in swift manner without requiring any rotation of the equipment. The machine handles conveniently almost all long life heavy duty protective paint coating systems. The unit seamlessly couples with a strategic airless spray machine in 45:1 ratio. The rotating head is powered by an air motor which sprays paint by application of centrifugal force at an evenly metered flow against the surface. Airless spray machine pipe coater is manually pulled through the pipe at a pre-determined speed based on paint film thickness and coating type.

Inspection instruments

Specialized internal pipe coaters A range of high precision Inspection Equipments, such as Testex Tape, Surface Profile Gauge, Thickness Gauge, Whirling & Sling Hygrometers, and Digital Surface Profile Gauge, assists in conducting meticulous inspection of critical elements. The advantages of the equipment are high accuracy reading, consistent performance even under exposure to harsh operating ambience, requires less periodic calibration, are designed from superior quality components that keeps the inner elements insulated from external disturbances, and cost competitive prices.