Portable Sandblasters For Exceptional Cleaning

Portable Sandblasting Machines are one among the Sandblasting machines which are widely used for Industrial use for smoothening rough surfaces, removing rust or corrosion from metal surfaces, cleaning or shaping a surface using an abrasive material. Other types of sandblasting machines include Automatic Sand Blaster, Blast Cabinet, and Tumblast etc. A Portable sandblaster is in great demand as it is also used for domestic applications apart from the industrial uses. The market of sandblasting machines are expected to boom by 2022. Small and mid-sized industries like Paint Shops, Auto Repair industry, Powder Coating Industry, Floor and Surface Cleaning Service Providers makes use of a Portable Sandblaster. Depending on the requirement and the surface, the media used for sandblasting differs. Usually Sand, Baking soda, Wood particles, glass beads, steel shots, steel grits and copper slag are used by various industries.

Provides exceptional cleaning

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A Portable sandblaster is an inexpensive pressure pot sandblaster that have wheels and is not permanently configured to a cabinet. A Portable sandblaster also contains a dust collector. They provide more possibilities as this system could be moved to where ever you need to do the work instead of bringing the object to it. A Portable sandblaster can also be used as a stationary system and can easily be configured to a cabinet to allow you to recollect the abrasive.

If you are looking for the sale of a Portable sandblaster in UAE then you can consult us as we have an impeccable spectrum of Portable Abrasive Blasters in our store. You can carry them for onsite cleaning of bridges, towers, steel structures, pipe, buildings and other large size components. With the use of varied media as an abrasive for different activities you are able to do exceptional cleaning with our Portable sandblaster equipment.

Uses of a Portable Sandblaster

The companies that provide Portable sandblaster in UAE guarantees the use of the equipment. Without proper safety equipment Sandblasting must not be carried out as it may cause harm to the person getting in contact with it. A Portable sandblaster is powered by an air compressor which provides a large volume of high pressure air to the blast pot, a hollow cylinder that contains the abrasive material or media. This is then filled with compressed air to propel the abrasive material at high speed into the blast line. Below listed are some of the uses of a Portable Sandblaster.

  • It saves time and money by reducing the effort by up to 90% required to clean or smooth a rough surface

  • Cleaning or smoothening of large metal surfaces or concrete surfaces becomes easy

  • A portable sandblaster can clean effectively any type of paint or rust or carbon deposit within minutes

  • It is ideal for engine repair, car painting, metal fabricators and casting industry

  • It also improves the longevity of metal products, rusted pipelines, old metal products and any kind of metal or ceramic surface

  • It can be easily used to either smoothen a rough surface or roughen a smooth surface

  • Cost is 90% less compared to deploying a full-time person for cleaning a surface

  • Tough corners on metal pieces which are difficult to reach can be easily cleaned

  • It makes aluminum alloys, car alloys and motorcycle rims shine better

  • Any surface can be cleaned and prepared quickly before painting within minutes

  • It is much more economical than any other blasting equipment

A portable sandblaster must be bought from the best Sandblasting companies in UAE like Speedblast as it requires experience and knowledge of various abrasive materials and their application for cleaning different surfaces. We are highly reliable and are masters in the sales of top quality Sandblasting Machines. Our equipment is widely used by various industries to clean large metal surfaces, steel structures, boiler, containers for sugar mill, rusted pipes, alloy wheels, old ships, concrete surfaces, floors and any other surface.

Features of our Portable Sandblaster

We as one of the top sand blasting grit suppliers provides only High Quality Blast Pot made with toughest steel sheet for longer life. Our equipment is built for maximum efficiency even under high workloads whose blast time can continuously last up to 40 – 45 minutes. They are of simple design and less joints for high durability and are suitable for all types of abrasive materials such as Sand, Soda, Aluminum Oxide, Walnut Shells etc. Blast Pot capacity of the Portable Sandblaster we provide is relatively high.

We specialize in the supply of different Sandblasting Equipment for various applications to meet the requirements of every sector. Any industry that uses metal, including aerospace, automotive, construction, foundry, shipbuilding, rail, and many others are supplied with the right blasting equipment meeting their requirements. We sale high quality Heavy duty sandblasters, sandblasting equipment for industrial, automotive, metal, commercial usage at competitive prices.

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