Abrasive Blasting for Surface Coating Preparation

Abrasive suppliers vouch for surface preparation before painting, so do the painting and coating companies in Dubai. It is vital to remove the existing paint and grime so that the new coat sticks well to the surface. Apart from that, it also extends the life of your substrate.

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In this article, Speed blast will inform you about the importance of surface preparation before coating. Before that, have a look at what would happen if you chose to ignore this crucial step.

  • Lack of surface preparations prevents the paints from sticking well.
  • Inadequate sticking of the coat makes it fall immediately.
  • The grime and rust underneath will contaminate the new coat along with the metal.
  • All of this results in excessive damages.
  • There are costly repairs.

Why is surface preparation through abrasive blasting techniques essential before painting?

First, let us understand what abrasive blasting is?

Abrasive suppliers define abrasive blasting techniques as a controlled flow of abrasive materials towards the surface to remove the previous coating, dust, grime, rust, etc. It is beneficial in preparing the surface for painting and coating. The build-in valleys and hills help the paint to stick better.

Reasons for surface preparation before painting

Removes remnants from the surface

With time, a machine accumulates much dust and grime onto the surface. There may also be rust destroying the metal. When all these impurities are on the surface, it becomes arduous to paint.

The abrasive blasting techniques in which abrasives are propelled towards the surface helps remove all the dirt and rust to give a cleaner look. This prepares the surface to have clean strokes of coating from the Graco spray machine suppliers in Dubai.

Provides better finish

Painting at regular intervals increases the life of your machines and other equipment. However, painting without removing remnants is of no use.

The surface infested with rust and dirt is difficult to coat. It does not provide a smooth finish and serves no purpose. When the dirt falls off, you may also see the paint falling since it was never on the actual surface. Hence, to get a better finish, it is vital to blast the surface with abrasives and removes traces of dust and rust.

Retains coating for a long duration

Painting is done regularly to safeguard the machinery. However, it is a costly process. When done at frequent intervals, it calls for a considerable expense for the company.

When companies connect with industrial safety equipment suppliers to know about cutting down costs, abrasive blasting techniques take a front seat. They advise as to how the removal of impurities makes valleys and hills that hold the paint better. This avoids repainting and extra expenses in the process.

Safeguards the surface from rust

Rust is a usual uninvited guest at most workplaces. It eats up your machinery, at times incurring irreversible damages. Industrial safety equipment suppliers are forever asked the question as to how to keep rust at bay.

Here is the easiest way to do so. Maintain the practice of abrasive blasting before painting and coating. This helps the paint to sit better on the surface, leaving no gap for oxidization. Hence, axing any chances of rust building in the surface.

Ensures longevity of the substrate

Rust and dust are the ones that destroy a metal of any other surface. When we ensure that the surface is protected from these and is well-painted, it stays intact for a longer period.

There is no need for regular repairs and repainting, which reduces expenses substantially for the company. Apart from this, it also increases the life of the equipment.


Abrasive suppliers are equipped with all kinds of blasting materials to suit your substrate. Abrasives to handle even the fragile materials with ease are available. Connect with Speed Blast, your trusted industrial safety equipment suppliers, to grab the right blasting material and safeguard your machinery.