How to Protect your Machinery with Industrial Coating Equipment

Machinery is the backbone of any business sector. Proper maintenance of the same will ensure that it lasts and serves for long. Regular cleaning, painting, and coating is the best step to ensure long life.

In case you are looking for internal pipe coating machines, we can readily help. Before that, let us understand the process of painting and coating.

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What is Industrial painting?

Your machinery requires professional care when it comes to industrial painting and coating. The paint and machines in the process are of optimum quality.Importance of industrial coating for machines is specified in detail in this blog and these are designed to protect your machinery regardless of its material.

You can choose paints and internal pipe coaters that best suit your machinery.

Different methods of Industrial coating

Industrial coating happens in the following methods.


The solvent-based industrial coating renders strength to the heavy-duty machines. The ones used for agriculture and construction rely on this external and internal coating technique for longevity. When done with airless spray machines, the coating avoids fading and damage through external conditions.

The solvent-based paints are a combination of urethane, epoxy primer, and e-coat. These are an excellent combination that helps in maintaining the color and gloss of the machines. The protective layer saves the devices from heat, dust, acids, sunlight, oils, and abrasion.


Corrosion is another villain of the machines. The water-based paints save the machinery from it. Hence, it is prominent among the industries dealing in a lot of water-based works. The production industries are the ones who prefer water-based industrial coating.

Water-based coatings are also EPA compliant, which means that these are non-hazardous, non-toxic, and non-inflammable. Overall, a safe product for the environment. The internal pipe coating machines utilize water-based paints to provide a fade-resistant and damage proof coating. If you own machinery prone to corrosion, opt for water-based coats and the right painting accessory to prevent damage in the long run.

Powder coating

Powder coating protects the machinery along with rendering a beauty to it. It creates a barrier against UV exposure and also provides chemical resistance. The paint is applied as a finely ground dry plastic material and proves to be an excellent alternative for low emissions. Powder coating is highly customizable. Every machine needs varying amounts of thickness, hardness, and protection against UV exposure. Powder coating does the same by abiding by the requirements.


Anti-fouling coating protects salt-water and water-borne damages. Hence, boats need it at prime importance. It is a tin-free coating; hence, durable and bright. Another thing that attracts about anti-fouling coating is that it is low in cost and easy to apply. You can use the coating for wood, steel, glass, and be sure that the materials will easily withstand every climate.

Going through the above, you know regarding the types of painting and coating service. With the information, one can determine the type of service needed for their plant and machinery. Choose the right kind or visit an authorized and experienced dealer for the right advice.

How do you maintain the paint

  • It is important to check on the machines periodically. Here is how to maintain the paint for a longer period.
  • Keep the surroundings clean.
  • Dust the machine regularly.
  • Remove any contaminants at the initial levels.
  • Maintain records of inspection and inspection Equipments.

Benefits of painting and coating the machinery

  • Improve the aesthetics
  • Protect against climatic damages
  • Extend the life
  • Improve productivity
  • Easy to maintain
  • Increase the resale value

Now that you know about the importance of industrial coating do not leave your machine to fate. Opt for the best inspection equipment and internal pipe coaters to provide it protection and beauty.

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