Applications of Waterjet Cutting in Various Industries

Waterjet cutting is a methodology of propelling water at high speed to cut through any material. It is suitable for various materials unless these are incredibly brittle such as glass or ceramics. For all the other objects waterjet cutting technology proves to be extremely helpful.
High stream jet is propelled with Waterjet cutting machines. These can either be pure water or may contain abrasives such as garnet for a cutting through rigid materials.

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Benefits of Waterjet cutting

Water jet cutting is prevalent when compared to other blasting products because if the following benefits.

  • Used for a wide range of materials
  • No heat is generated avoiding hazards to man or material
  • Renders precise cutting hence no finishing is required
  • Leaves behind no hazardous waste

Water jet cutting, when carried with industrial safety standards proves to be an excellent way of cutting through dirt, grime and other hard surfaces.
Here are a few industries wherein waterjet cutting services are extensively used.

Architectural industries

Art and architecture go together, and precision cuts are significant to derive the beauty of products. Whether it is an interior designing art piece or stones to lay in the garden waterjet cutting renders excellent results showcasing pure art.

  • Architectural industry uses waterjet cutting in the following ways.
  • To cut marble, granite and other stones for flooring or signage
  • Provide precision cut on metals used for various artworks around the house or business
  • Trim the doors and windows to fit
  • Prepare table tops, murals, stone furniture etc.

Aerospace Industry

Waterjet cutting machines play a crucial role in the aerospace industry. Here ultimate precision is required to manufacture various components since zero error is one criterion to maintain safety.
Here is how waterjet cutting helps aerospace industry

  • Creates components of a jet engine
  • Make blades for the turbine
  • Make composite materials for aircrafts

Automobile Industry

Multiple tiny components require waterjet cutting. Here is how water jet cutting works in the automotive industry.

  • Create clutch components for racing cars
  • Artistic depiction of custom build motorcycle
  • Make brake disc and other components of motorcycles
  • Derive flanges for an exhaust system
  • Decorative brackets for automobiles
  • Build head gaskets of copper
  • Build model shops

Electronic Industry

The electronic industry needs waterjet cutting just in the following ways.

  • Cut electrical enclosures and panels
  • Cut through cables
  • Build circuit boards of both types (populated and unpopulated)
  • Make control panels
  • Create components for generators
  • Profile cutting for lifts and elevators
  • Cut metal fittings

Food Industry

Food industry involves a lot of stainless steel and plastic products. Equipment suppliers work with waterjet cutting machines to create various utensils, cook tops and other necessary components in the food industry.
Few areas wherein water jet cutting is necessary are below-

  • Creating various machinery component if food processing joints
  • Building equipment dealing in food handling and packaging
  • Making equipment responsible for beverage manufacturing
  • Producing customized gaskets for multiple industries

Medical industry

Again there are multiple components required in the medical field that have to be built with accuracy. Waterjet cutting is extremely helpful in creating them. Here is how water jet cutting machines help in the medical field.

  • Carving surgical equipment from steel
  • Carving artificial limb from cotton
  • Making of braces and other orthopaedic appliances
  • Building prototype devices for testing
  • Cutting down thin plastic

Glass industry

Though tempered glass may break apart with waterjet cutting, stained glass can be cut with the same maintaining industrial safety. Here is how waterjet technology helps when working with glass.

  • Build window panels
  • Prepare lense blanks for quartz and glass
  • Cut glass components used in medical and electronic industry
  • Carve out art decoration
  • Build laser parts for high tech industry

Teaching purposes

In various architectural schools, Water jet cutting is used to teach students about the Industrial safety equipment suppliers and the importance of precision cuts in multiple industries as well as safety standards to be taken while undergoing the process


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