Speed co Venturi Blowers for Confined Ventilation

Venturi air blowers also known as confined space venturi blowers are used to blow air and ventilate confined spaces in certain industries. The most extensive use of these blowers is seen in oil refineries, ship building and power plant industries where they are used to extract toxic fumes from tanks. Also they are used to circulate cool air in confined spaces, bringing down the temperature of overheated machine parts or comforting the workers working in a highly high-temperature atmosphere.

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Uses of Venturi Air Blowers

Venturi-type air blowers find diverse usage in the industrial fields. Some of the most prominent uses of venturi air blowers in Dubai are:

Power Plants

Venturi air blowers are used in many power plants. Let us have a look at some of them:

  • Cogeneration Units: Air blowers cool heavy-duty power plant parts like turbines, hot furnace draft fans, and other pieces of machinery.
  • Fabrication of Towers and Vessels: confined space welding generates welding gases that are removed effectively by venturi air blowers ensuring the effective and safe working of the metal fabrication parts.
  • Marine industry: Venturi air blowers are extensively used in the marine industry for exhausting volatile fumes post cargo pumping. They are also used in shipyards where welding is done in confined spaces.
  • Steel Industry: The steel industry relies on hot iron ladles as raw materials. Venturi air blowers are used to cool the hot iron parts. Best-quality venturi air blowers can cool the components quickly, cutting down o operation time and increasing profits.
  • Manhole Operations: Venturi air blowers are commonly used to pull out polluted air from the maintenance hole and disperse them. At the same time, it blows fresh air into the utility holes.
  • Petroleum Refining

    The processing towers of petroleum refineries often feature toxic fumes as a by-product of petroleum processing. Venturi air blowers are used to disperse these fumes. There are several pieces of heavy equipment involved in petroleum processing that may get overheated during the process. Venturi air blowers can cool these overheated parts. Machine parts and air blowers are also used to direct a gust of cool air toward labourers working in scorching environments.

    How Do Venturi Air Blowers Work?

    Speed co Venturi air blowers are an effective solution for inducing ventilation in closed, confined spaces. During multiple industrial processes, gasses must be pulled out from closed areas and supplied to confined spaces. Air blowers can quickly help achieve such tasks. Venturi air blowers are perfect for cooling overheated machine parts or hot environments. The primary principle for working pneumatic blowers is creating a venturi action. That means the blowers will simultaneously extract the high-pressure compressed air volume from a confined space, leading to inhalation of cool air from the base. They are widely used in petroleum industries for extracting explosive vapours and serve multiple other functions.

    Safety Precautions to Use Venturi Air Blowers

    Here are some of the crucial safety precautions for the hassle-free operation of venturi air blowers:

  • When using the venturi air blower in a volatile environment, it is essential to connect a ground wire to the air blower. This ensures swift discharging of the static charges and prevents static electricity build-up.
  • The pneumatic air blowers in Dubai are constructed with high-quality aluminium bases. If the bases are dragged too often over rusty steel tanks, it can cause a heavy smear that may cause some dysfunctionality in the future.
  • Regularly scheduled cleaning of all the ducts and nozzles is extremely important to prevent any air clogging. Steam jets can be used for effective cleaning. Also, ensure there is not much movement when the blower operates. Please keep it safe and secure in one single position.
  • Why Choose Speed co Venturi Air Blowers?

    Speed co is a renowned name for premium quality venturi air blowers that can serve multi purposes industries and our product ranges from 2 inches - 12inches and is available for all required sizes. Our Venturi Air Blowers are lightweight, easy to carry, and have safety add-ons for better functioning. It is durable and serves its purposes well.

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