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We are industry experts in supplying superior performance, energy efficient, and customized pneumatic products in Dubai, UAE that adhere to international standards and are optimized for engineering needs. Dryers, air compressors, vacuum conveyors, air cylinders, pneumatic blowers, venturi air blowers or any other pneumatic device, you can order us with confidence and we would supply cutting edge and state of the art products within committed deadlines. Our products have been certified for optimum performance even under most exacting of industrial circumstances. Each product is covered by a comprehensive warranty to indemnify you for any product failure. Our team works in close coordination with you to map your exact requirements and deliver accordingly.

Speed Blast Trading LLC - Pneumatic Products

Pneumatic Bristle Blaster

Pneumatic Bristle Blaster Pneumatic Bristle Blaster is an innovative surface preparation power tool that removes corrosion and generates an anchor profile in a single step. This machine r bar is the basis for achieving roughnesses on steel or stainless steel and other materials as well as surface cleaning according to SA 2.5 / SA 3, comparable to conventional blasting results. The unique design of the bristles allows them to retract after a single strike, removing coating scale and corrosion, imparting a profile but not grinding or polishing the surface.

Bristle Blaster速 Pneumatic
Weight: 1.2 kg / 2.6 lbs
Air pressure connection thread: 1/4 " PT
Required hose diameter: 3/8 " ID (9.5 mm)
Rotational speed: 3500 RPM
Required flow pressure: 6.2 bar / 90 psi
Average air consumption: 17.5 CFM (500 l/min)
Vibration (EN ISO 8662-1; 8662-4): 2 m/sec2
Sound pressure level (DIN 45635-21; ISO 3744): 83 dB

Air Operated pneumatic Vacuum recovery

Air Operated pneumatic Vacuum recovery The Airblast Airvac is capable of recovering spent abrasives or any other form of solid materials, ranging in size up to 20 mm over a distance of up to 30 metres. The unit is fully air operated and only requires 250 cfm of air at 85 psi pressure (7 m3/min. at 5.8 bar). No other form of power is required to operate the unit. A simple modification converts the Airvac into a ventilation unit for ducting air from tanks etc.


Pneumatic Blower Fan

Pneumatic Blower Fan Venturi Blower - Brand Speedco Holland

Rugged, cast aluminum housing and fan blade make these fans ideal for hazardous locations and demanding ventilation projects. The RF design utilizes action-reaction principles. Compressed air is discharged through nozzles located at the tip of the fan blades providing extremely efficient, high volume, low maintenance air movers.


  • Available in five sizes: 3S-HP, 3-HP, 6-HP, 8, or 9
  • High-performance (HP) and Hornet models available in three sizes: 3S-HP, 3-HP, and 6-HP
  • Air flows range from 1,370 to 8,900 cfm (2,328 to 15,121 m3/hr)
  • Induction ratios up to 40:1
  • Multiple expansion nozzles machined into housing
  • High static pressure capabilities
  • Diffuser material available in steel, aluminum or shock-resistant polymer (Hornet HP)
  • No moving parts (virtually maintenence-free)
  • Static bonding cable (standard on all models) with spring tension grip and replaceable contact tips
  • Accepts flexible duct on diffuser end (optional duct adapter for inlet end available)
  • Tripod for stationary mounting available

Venturi Air Blower - Brand Speedco Holland

Venturi Blower - Brand Speedco Holland Compressed air or steam is admitted into the Jectair through a single inlet connection in the housing leading to the mixing chamber. The air or steam jetted from the nozzle creates a "Venturi" action that induces a large volume of surrounding air to enter the Jectair through the aerodynamic inlet bell. The air is then discharged at high velocity through the horn-shaped diffuser.

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Portable Electrical Ventilator blower

Portable Electrical Ventilator blower Almunium blades compact in size, easy to operate.
Single-phase condensor motor eliminates the problem of over-heating of three-phase motors.
Almuminum blades have been subject to balance correction with computer