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Uses and types of Sandblasters for Industrial needs

Sandblasting is a crucial technique to help eradicate rust, dirt, paint, and other remnants from a surface to clean it for coating. For effective industrial coating applications, it's pivotal to choose the best abrasives and sandblasting machine, i.e., sandblaster.

This article focuses on the use and types of sandblasters and their applications in sandblasting in Industries.

What are sandblasters: the high grade blasting products?

The sandblaster is a machine used for the sandblasting process. Through this machine, the abrasives propel at high speed using compressed air. The speed and the usage of abrasives – high grade blasting products determine the quality of blasting for various industrial coating applications. I.e. when a sandblaster is used, the choice of material, at times some other abrasives are also used, such as Copper Slag Grit, Aluminium Oxide, Garnet, Glass Beads, Steel Shot, Steel Grit etc.

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What are the different uses of a Sandblaster?

The sandblaster machines function to remove particles from the surface and ensure seamless applications in sandblasting in Industries like:

Removal of paint and rust

Old paint and rust are the most troublesome to remove from a surface. Conventional technology can never strip these contaminants from the surface. However, sandblasters can efficiently eliminate these marks without harming the surface.

Clean small tools

Removing grime from small tools and parts is the hardest task since these contain unreachable nooks and corners. With sandblasters, these parts clogged in oil, rust, grime, etc., can be cleaned. It shall help maintain the machine's long life and prevent it from breakdown.

Smoothens surfaces

The key applications of sandblasting is to create a smooth surface for coating purposes in industries. Sandblasters ensure the removal of oil and dirt from the surface along with creating a smooth finish for painting.

Concrete Cleaning

We have been talking about clearing dirt off machinery from industrial machines. However, sandblasters can also be used to clean a large area concrete from roads, walkways, etc. or even in industries which are covered with various foreign materials.

Prepares the surface

Conventional paint removal methods may not be efficient enough to prepare the surface for industrial coating machines. It shall result in the chipping of paint and damage to machinery. With sandblasters, there isn't a chance for mistakes. The surface is adequately prepared to facilitate coating, painting, bonding, etc.

Shaping the parts

Carving small parts or creating intricate designs is also a usage by the sandblasters. Talented artisans utilize this technology to enhance the aesthetics of materials and shape our essential small pieces for the machines.

What are the different types of Sandblasters?

Sandblasters are considered among the high grade blasting products. These are available in different types to grab the one most useful for your industry. Here we provide details of various types of sandblasters and their peculiar features.

Gravity fed Sandblaster - As the name suggests, gravity-fed sandblasters work on the principle of gravity. The blasting media, i.e., sand, silica, etc., is filled into a small container called hopper. It is then hooked to an air compressor. When the trigger is pressed, air blasts out with abrasives onto the surface. More the pressure, more sand will be falling and when the trigger is released, the hopper closes and the remaining sand is kept for future cleaning uses.

Siphon Sandblaster - The siphon sandblaster works similarly to that of gravity fed. There is a slight difference in the positioning of the nozzles and their functioning. Here the nozzle is placed above the container that holds it, leading to the sucking of the blasting media into the nozzle with air compression. This type of sandblasters are very affordable and can be used continuously as the sand can be shifted back to the reservoir. When there is a choice of cleaning a larger area, siphon sandblaster is the best choice.

Pressure Sandblasters - Canisters of sand are used in Pressure sandblasters. The sandblasting guns are attached to the canisters, and when applying the trigger, the sand is blasted from it. Though pressure sandblasters are easier to use than the others, these are expensive since the blasting media cannot be reused in this machine.

Mini /Portable Sandblasters - As the name suggests, the mini sandblasters or Portable Sandblasters are effective for applications of sandblasting in industries functioning in tight spaces. These are easy to move around but do have limitations in their outcome.


Sandblasters have multiple uses in various industries. For each, a specific type of sandblasting machine shall be enough to serve the purpose. Whatever the kind of sandblaster it is, one must follow all the precautions before its use.

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