A Guide to Sandblasting process and Sandblasting Equipment

What is Sand Blasting?

Sandblasting is a powerful procedure used in many industries for various applications like material cleaning, prepped for powder-coating, shot – penned, re-dusted and many more. The sand blasting equipments can completely restore an item to its original condition after removing the residue or any other undesired veneer on them. Sand blasters use high pressure to clean and prepare surfaces at the microscopic level.

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There are two types of sandblasting process. Water- driven sandblasting is applied for reducing surface deterioration in case of brick or concrete surfaces. Air-driven sandblasting is used in metallic surfaces to prevent water intrusion in the surface.

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Uses of Sand Blasting

Sandblasting also known as abrasive blasting where a stream of abrasive material is propelled via compresses air at a surface to modify, roughen or smoothen it. Sandblasting has various other applications too.

  • To remove old paint or rust from a metal surfaces
  • To smooth or roughen surfaces such as concrete
  • It is used as an art form of graffiti removal
  • Used to clean, smoothen antiques, tools, automotive, brass, heavy machinery and farm equipment
  • To do powder coating surfaces
  • Create a key for coatings applied to wood or concrete
  • Fire damage clean up
  • Mold removal
  • Sand Blasting Equipment

    In abrasive blasting, the abrasive is propelled using a compressed gas or pressurized liquid. The process of sandblasting requires a diversity of equipment.

    Portable Blast Equipment: A diesel air compressor is used for dry abrasive blasting applications. It also contains a pressurized vessel that contains the sand and meters it into the compressed air stream. Whereas, wet blasting is done by injecting the abrasive into pressurized water stream or introduced into a compressed air stream.

    Automated Blasting: Automated blasting provides coating applications and surface preparation under cover to reduce the effects of nature on the steel.

    Blast Cabinet: The blast cabinet consists of an abrasive blasting system, the containment, the dust collection system and an abrasive recycling system. It is a closed loop system by that a person can blast the part and recycle the abrasive.

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    How a Sand Blasting Method Works?

    The sandblasting process has two main steps.

  • Load the abrasives into the cylinder
  • Focus on pressurized air through the nozzle on the surface
  • The abrasive that is stored in a pressure vessel is metered into the blast hose and conveyed through the blast nozzle by the compressed gas. The pressure of the sand may be from 50 – 130 pounds per square inch depending on the settings. The abrasive is then blasted across the surface and it will be able to create a smoother surface due to its abrasive properties. For example, after the concrete has been poured and made to dry, it is treated to sandblasting. The process removes excess materials on the concrete and makes it smoother.

    You are aware of sand paper. It contains many individual particles of sand. When rubbed against a surface, the sand removes the surface layer of the material. Sandblasting works on the same way but it involves the use of highly pressurized sand to create smoother surfaces with fewer flaws and imperfections.

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