Must-have Checklist for Abrasive Blasting

Abrasive blasting is a crucial part of the ship-building and automotive industries. It's used to prime a surface, make it smooth, and prepare it for applying sealants and paint. With the help of the best blasting accessories in Dubai, you can make the blasting process hassle-free and efficient.

The goal of abrasive blasting is to clean a surface and make it free of impurities and rust so that the subsequent application of sealant and paint over it becomes efficient and durable. It is done by applying compressed water or air and a high-pressure steam jet on the surface to clean it out.

Materials Used in the Process of Abrasive Blasting

Abrasive blasting is a general term that includes various counterparts. The types of abrasive blasting material vary for different industries. However, certain materials are a common need for all kinds of abrasive blasting for surface coating in industries. Listed below are the five most used abrasive materials:


Glass Beads : This is an eco-friendly abrasive material mainly used for quick abrasive clean-ups of surfaces made out of recycled glass.

Aluminum Oxide : It is primarily used in abrasive blasting that requires rust removal from the surface

Silicon Carbide : For high-end industrial abrasive blasting that needs strong cutting forces within a short time, silicon carbide is an appropriate material

Steel Grit : It is the most used abrasion material in the ship-building industry. It is ideal for the ship-building industry because they help in creating a deep anchor pattern on the surface.

Ground Walnut Shells : If any industry needs less or mild abrasive materials, this biodegradable blasting material is highly suitable. It gently acts only on the top surface.

Equipment Checklist for Abrasive Blasting

It's crucial to have the right equipment for abrasive blasting. It ensures a seamless process and delivers the best results. The checklist for abrasive blasting equipment is as below

Air Compressor : Air hose or air compressor is used to supply compressed air at a very high speed and force to clear the topmost surface of the materials and prime it for further coating.

Blast Vessel : A pressure vessel is a tank that stores the air which will be supplied at very high force over the surface of abrasive blasting.

Blast Nozzles : A threaded or jacketed blast nozzle ensures the rate or speed of airflow used for abrasive coating.

Valves, hoses, and Fittings : Leak-free valves, hoses, and fitting ensure the speed and accuracy of the abrasive coating. Suitable quality fittings from suppliers of the best blasting accessories in Dubai are the ultimate choice for an efficient blasting process.

Safety Equipment Checklist for Abrasive Blasting

Surface blasting as an industrial process involves a couple of grave hazards. First, to ensure that the blasting process is safe and harmless for the workers and those in the vicinity, there is specific safety equipment that is highly useful. Some of the most commonly used PPE or Personal Protective Devices are:

Respirator : While abrasive blasting, the top surfaces' dust particles are removed and come in close contact with the operator. Respirators are the best ergonomic aid to protect the worker from inhaling the toxic surface particles released from surface abrasive blasting.

Blast Suit : The workers can face injury or hazards from the blasting materials if they do not protect their bodies. Industrial aprons or blast suits are a mandatory need for the workers Who perform abrasive blasting? Heavy-duty breathable blast suits for workers of water jet abrasives can protect the workers.

Safety Shoes or Boots : Particulate material released into the environment during the abrasive process may injure the feet of the workers as they are in close contact. Footwear is thus an essential need. Slip-resistant protecting shoes are best suited for workers in the blasting industry.


Abrasive Blasting is a premium technology to gift new life to old materials. However, it's also crucial to equip yourself with the best tools and materials to achieve the desired results. With more than 10 years of industry experience, we can help you choose the best abrasive and blasting accessories in Dubai.

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