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Blotter paper is used to verify compressed air cleanliness prior to abrasive blast cleaning. This is an essential process as the contaminated compressed air can adversely impact coating performance. According to ASTM D 4285 the test for verifying the cleanliness of compressed air or other operations can be performed by attaching a piece blotter paper to a rigid backing using tape. You are able to mark the date and time of test on the blotter paper and can retain it for documentation for future use. According to ASTM D 4285, oil indication causes discoloration of white absorbent paper and it indicates the rejection of air compressor. For sandblasting work water indication of absorbent paper is not at all acceptable. In such a situation the air compressor should be rejected and subjected to repair.

Sometimes it becomes difficult in distinguishing oil and water contamination. To solve this issue stay for 5 minutes at a dark room and get your eyes adjusted. Flashing an ultraviolet radiation on the surface of the absorbent paper will determine the type of contamination. If it is shiny or glossy the contamination is an oil contamination otherwise it is water contamination. The presence of oil or water in compressed air which is used for blast cleaning, air blast cleaning, and coating application operations can be determined using this test.

The air supplied into breathing equipment must be clean for blaster safety. For keeping the spray machine in good condition moisture-free air must be used for painting application. The moisture content if exists will damage internal parts of the sprayer which affects the efficiency of the machine.

As pioneer Blotter Paper Suppliers in UAE, we are responsible for the safety of our clients. Our Blotter paper kit (8” X 8”) will be helpful to you in determining the cleanliness of the compressed air supply before blast cleaning, blow down and painting. Our high quality blotter papers will show oil or water or other contaminant traces in the compressed air.

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