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Vaccuum Recovery

Portable Vacuum Recovery Equipment

250 cfm atin.
Compressed air requirement:
100 psi
Weight:27 kgs
Typical recovery rate: 3 tonnes/hour of expendable sbrasive
Typical hose lenghts : 30 m suction hose + An air operated vacuum system designed for the removal of spend abrasive form inaccessible or enclosed areas such as tanks, holds etc ..... 30m discharge hose


  • Zero down time
  • No moving parts to wear
  • No Electricity / Motors
  • Very high airflow and high collection capacity
  • Forklift handling with high mobility
  • Efficient Filter and grit / dust separation

High Capacity Grit Recovery

Powerful and flexibel vacuum unit installed on trolley, equipment with grit/dust discharge unit on pre-seperator silo. The Cleaned grit can be emptied into a bucket, feed system ot floor bin. The dust is trapped in the filter and collected in the second stage silo. Suitable for use in biasing halls for grit recovery and cleaning

Sl.No   Echo Cleaner Model-E2
01 Compressed Air Rewuired @ 12 PSI 25-350 CFM
02Dust Collector TypeCatridge
03Manual Reverse Pulse CleaningIncluded
04Maximum Vacuum Hose Length10 mtr
05Conveying Capacity2 Ton / Hr

of biased hulls and steel structures. The unit is delivered with 50mm suction equipment.

The Eco Cleaner Poer Pack: system uses 4 compressed air jetPumps to create vaccum power. The integral dust arrestorensures vaccumised system, so that clean air is emitted to the atmosphere.