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Garnet Overview

SpeedBlast produces the natural Almandine Garnet, "the only eco-friendly abrasive mineral in the world" with its advantages far outreaching its alternatives. Its unique grain hardness and toughness guarantee productivity & Effeciency.


SpeedBlast Abrasive garnet is almandite variety with composition of 3FeO, Al2O3, 3SiO2

Physical CharacteristicsChemical Composition
Hardness (Mohs)7.5 to 8Al2O321.60%
Chloride10-20 ppm (Max 25ppm)SiO231.00%
pH> 7FeO37.00%
Bulk Density2.34 T / m3MgO7.40%
Specific gravity4.1CaO1.84%
Melting point12600CTiO20.55%
Grain shapeSub-angularMnO0.53%
Other CharacteristicsMineral Composition
Conductivity10-15ms/m (Max 20ms/m)Garnet97 – 99%
RadioactivityNot detectableIlmenite< 2%
Moisture absorptionNon-hydroscopicQuartz< 1%
Free Iron< 0.01%
Copper< 0.01%
Sulphur< 0.01%
Other heavy metals< 0.01%


SpeedBlast mines are rich in high grade natural Almandine Garnet with particle size ranging from 8 to 120 mesh. SpeedBlast produces a wide range of grades and composition suited for different jobs and profiles.

400.420 45-6010-200
500.297 5-1545-655-150
600.250 20-3525-450-50
800.177 0-1035-5570-900-20
1000.150 0-1010-1545-60
1200.125 0-515-30

Garnet has many applications and is mainly used as an abrasive in abrasive blasting & water jet cutting and as a adsorbent in water filtration. It is also used in the preparation of non-skid tracks, steps, sports Ground Surface etc.

It is also used as abrasive media in Coated abrasives like Grinding Wheels and belts that are used in cleaning/polishing various surfaces like glass, ceramics, wood & metals.

SpeedBlast Blasting Grade Garnet is used for different jobs and to create different surface profiles.
It is used in offshore MGS, general marine structural steel, oil storage tanks, ships, rail cars, containers (mild steel and stainless steel), high chrome / nickel steel, pipes and sites that requires low dust limits.

Four major Blasting grades listed below are produced by SpeedBlast for Abrasive blasting for surface preparation.

Grade Profile Productivity Consumption
12/25 Mesh 110-130 microns 28m2 / hr 15kg /m2
20/40 Mesh 85-110 microns 28m2 / hr 12kg /m2
20/60 Mesh 70-110 microns 28m2 / hr 11kg /m2
30/60 Mesh 45-65 microns 28m2 / hr 9kg /m2

(Figures are based on blasting mild ‘B’ grade steel at 7 bars (required nozzle pressure) with properly set up equipment.It is recommended that accurate trial tests are conducted for each job).

Advantages of SpeedBlast Blasting Grade Garnet

  • The combination of tough mineral structure and rapid setting results in lower levels of dust creation during blasting.
  • Superior surface profile – garnet grains create a uniform profile virtually free of embedment, providing an excellent Surface for coating adhesion.
  • Cost-effective – highly effective, low consumption.
  • Non-toxic – inert and natural, crystalline silica levels are less than 1%.
  • Recyclable up to 5 times.
  • Easy cleanup.
  • Inert – will not interfere with your coatings.
  • Non-porous – will not draw moisture.

SpeedBlast supplies about 30,000 MTS of Blasting Grade Garnet per-annum; the quality of the product has been approved by several Oil companies in Far-East, Middle-East and Europe.

OGS produce Almandine variety Garnet of Indian origin, with its hard and tough sub angular grains provide the perfect balance between cutting speed and edge quality with reduced wear and tear to the equipment.

SpeedBlast Garnet with precise size and low dust is found to be effective in cutting stainless steel, marbles, granite, titanium alloys, glasses, garments etc. with high accuracy to any geometrical shape.

SpeedBlast has a separate processing facility exclusively to produce water jet cutting grades.
SpeedBlast Garnet gives trouble free performances without choking and clogging of the nozzles, since the product is of “Correct Grain Size Distribution, without any oversize material & Free of Dust.


SpeedBlast Garnet Focusing Tube Orifice
SpeedBlast Industrial Standard Grade 80 Mesh 300-150 micron100 Mesh 250-125 micron 0.4” 1.02mm 0.013-0.014” 0.330-0.356mm
High Speed Cutting with good surface finish 60 Mesh 400-200 micron 50 Mesh 600-200 micron 0.5” 1.27mm 0.014-0.018” 0.356-0.457mm
Superior Fine Precision Edge 120 Mesh 200-100 micron 0.3” 0.76mm 0.010-0.011” 0.254-0.279mm

Advantages of SpeedBlast Waterjet Grade Garnet

SpeedBlast has specialized in producing water jet grades. Our products are approved for their excellent quality.

  • All our grades are precise in their size and highly pure.
  • The unique three-stage screening system with fully enclosed final screening ensures.
    • Efficient and accurate cutting profiles
    • Free flow product with no oversize particle hence avoids damage to nozzles.

SpeedBlast supply about 30,000 MTS of Garnet per annum to the water jet cutting industries.