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Coating Equipments

Airless Spray Pumps

Startinag with the needs of the painting contractors,
it's easy to see why Speedco airless spray pump is the first
choice among coating professional.Over the years, Speedco has developed
and designed rigid and reliable equipment to the greatest transfer
efficiency, less wastage of material, faster job completion and
simple designs to reduce downtime for surface preparation industries.

Advance technology producing excellent finishes.

  • For efficient coverage of large surfaces
  • Superb coverage performance
  • High coating thickness in one pass
  • Closed, uniform spray pattern
  • Explosion-proof due to pneumatic operation
  • Minimal solvent use

Airless Spray Gun

Airless SprayGun

Fluide Pressure Ratio 30:1 45:1 56:1 68:1
Delivery 1(4) gpm(Liter/min) 3.98(15) gpm(Liter/min) 3.43(13) gpm(Liter/min) 2.86(1 0.80)gpm(Liter /min)
Maximum Pump Speed 6Ocycle/min 6Ocycle/min 6Ocycle/min 6Ocycle/min
Air Motor Effective Diameter 1 1/4(108) inch(mm) 10(254) inch(mm) 10(254) inch(mm) 10(254) inch(mm)
Stroke 102mm 120mm 120mm 120mm
Maximum Air Inlet Pressure 100(7) psi (bar) 100(7) psi (bar) 100(7) psi (bar) 100(7) psi (bar)
Maxium Outlet Pressure 3000(210) psi(bar) 4500(310) psi (bar) 5600(386) psi(bar) 6800(469) psi (bar)
Air Inlet Size 1/2"(PT)" 3/4"(PT)" 3/4"(PT)" 3/4"(PT)"
Fluid Inlet Size 3/4"(PT) 1 "(PT) 1 "(PT) " 1 "(PT) "